Who We Are At Emmanuel Episcopal

As a congregation

We are young and old, contemporary and traditional, live singly and in extended families, economically prosperous and struggling to make ends meet, conservative and liberal, biblical yet open to new ideas, utterly committed to one another in strong community, deeply rooted yet always growing. We celebrate life in the love of the lord who makes us one in his body. We invite you to journey with us.

Thoughts from individual members

  • Very inclusive and family friendly
  • Great place to meet good people
  • Welcoming
  • Although small in number, I have never felt so much love and support from a group of fellow worshipers
  • Great family atmosphere
  • We respect and care about each other as we journey together to be Christ’s hands and feet in the world.
  • Emmanuel Church is a family in the truest sense of the word… sharing our joys and burdens regardless of petty differences that separate people in today’s society.
  • It seems to me that our congregation has become more attached emotionally – perhaps because of our shared commitment to reaching out to our community (beans and rice, community garden, Co-operative Ministry, etc.)
  • We are a multi – generational Church of your friends and neighbors in Franklin and the surrounding community
  • Fun place to worship with beautiful services
  • Supportive of each other through all aspects of life, both celebrations and trials
  • We welcome diversity in faith paths, nationalities and life preferences.
  • We are small in number compared to many congregations which means we have a strong, supportive church community

We invite you to come visit us and find out who we are and to become a part of Emmanuel.